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Surgery of the Adult Spine in Round Rock, TX


Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdiskectomy

A minimally invasive microdiscectomy can be performed for a variety of thoracic and lumbar spine conditions including herniated discs, lumbar spinal stenosis, sciatica and radiculopathy (nerve root injury).

The minimally invasive approach allows us to remove pressure from a herniated disk and pinched nerve through a small skin incision (approximately 14 mm) utilizing a unique tubular muscle retractor. The result is a reduction of blood loss, faster recovery time and a decreased risk of severe back pain after surgery.


The surgery is performed through a small skin incision on the back.   A narrow tube is gently inserted through the soft tissue under fluoroscopy (x-rays) with the aid of a minimally invasive muscle retracting system. This retractor helps minimize damage to the muscles and soft tissue. With the aid of a high-powered microscope, the herniated disc can be removed with specially-designed microsurgical instruments to relieve pressure from the nerve root. The skin is closed using dissolvable sutures and sterile superglue. Some patient’s may require a back brace after surgery.
Minimally Invasive Microdiskectomy Illustration
Minimally Invasive Microdiskectomy X-Ray
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